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About Our Workshops

Speaking Engagements with Ingrid

It is even harder in today's climate to find the confidence that you need to conceive going after the career you truly want.

What if I told you that you can still pursue that career and absolutely SHOULD go after the job you deserve?

Uncertain where to start? I can help.

I design my workshops to adapt to each client's specific needs. By helping you identify strengths and areas where you can improve, the workshops that I develop provide the tools necessary to elevate you to your next level of success. Together, we will map out a path with measurable goals that you can use to walk down the road to your envisioned career.

Whether you need guidance navigating a career change or are new to the workforce, I can help breathe new life into your career.

I also create special programs for career seekers of the future by conducting speaking engagements for the youth aged 14- 21.

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