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Our Client's Success Stories

After helping our clients and breathing life into their career path, they have come back with amazing testimonials on how much further along they are after meeting Resume Resuscitation. We'd love to hear about your experience with us.

Kelly D.

Marie Thomas

I’m so happy that I had the opportunity to work with Ingrid she is very relatable, honest sweet, funny, understanding and very knowledgeable she has helped me gain more confidence that I didn’t have before working with her thank so much Ingrid❤️

Luis Lopez

I started my journey with Ingrid with a lot of trepidation. I was unsure of how exactly I could leverage my experience in the service and hospitality industry to make a career change. She not only crafted an amazing resume, cover letter, and Linked In profile that highlights all of my transferable skills, but she also coached me during every meeting and helped me see I had a lot more to offer than I realized. Now I feel armed with the vocabulary to do well in interviews and and a resume that accurately highlights my strengths! The most important thing I learned from Ingrid was that an employer doesn't need to hear my own shortcomings from me. My job is to highlight my strengths, and how hiring me will benefit them.

Destiny Currie

I really enjoyed working with Ingrid . She’s funny and very relatable. She was very in-depth into what I do now and before and made an amazing resume that I could never do . As someone who is early in her career the coaching I had with Ingrid was very eye opening . Thank You so much .

Joel W.

I could not more highly recommend Ingrid. Ingrid volunteered her time to work with local high school students in helping them understand the importance of a resume, how to create one, and how to "pitch" yourself. She is both personable and knowledgeable. Thanks Ingrid!

Robert P.

I am very happy I was introduced to Ingrid and her company. I signed up for her Platinum package as I was looking to get my resume and LinkedIn profiles updated and help with my interviewing skills. She did a phenomenal job on my resume which looks fresh and modern and better describes me and my work experience. After our interview consultation, I feel confident and prepared for my next interview. I highly recommend Ingrid and all her services. Thanks so much for all you have done!

Luis L.

For people who don't know, Ingrid is VERY good at helping guide people market themselves to potential employers! In only one phone conversation, she helped me realize that I had marketable skills I didn't even know I had! Nothing was made up! She simply used information from my actual experience and knowledge! She opened my eyes!

Melissa F.

I had a Zoom consultation with Resume Resuscitation. The services received were professional and tailored to my background. I would recommend them for any service.

Olivia M.

Having worked in my field for well over ten-years, I was reluctant to leave the comfort of my familiar job. I contacted Resume Resuscitation hoping to learn how I could use my current skill set to help me in my job search. The consultation gave me much more than I anticipated. I gained confidence and perspective about the possibilities for growth that taking a leap of faith might bring. After the consultation, I chose the Rose Gold Plan. I often have trouble finding the right words and struggle with formatting. The resume and cover letter was written beautifully and professionally. I really appreciated that the package included the mock interview because I am usually very nervous. I got the job! Thanks again.

Wannea McDaniel

Extremely insightful, Ingrid knows her stuff! While consulting with Resume Resuscitation I learned the importance of networking and researching my desired career field. Ingrid helped me dig deeper with skills that I already obtain and how to articulate them. I would recommend R. R. over and over again. Thank you Resume Resuscitation.

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