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Our Mission

Here at Resume Resuscitation, the mission is to provide seekers the tools that they need to walk into an interview with confidence by helping each individual to define clear career goals and providing them with a clean, professional resume. We strive to make each individual an active participant in reaching their career goals by giving them the tips and tricks for expanding their career network and providing a resume, cover letter, or biographical sketch geared towards the desired career.


About Ingrid Wrather

Job Search and Networking Enthusiast

I'm an almost "empty nester" who has been tasked with reviewing and editing resumes personally and professionally for over 15 years. In doing so, I have had the opportunity to gain a broader insight into the minds of both the employer and job seeker. I feel there is a dire need for people who have grown frustrated with creating a resume to be empowered and take an active role in the content and the vision of their desired outcome. I want to help.

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